About Us

On the 1st May 2007 The Inflatable Play Enterprise (TIPE) was formed and this subscription service is the number 1 service for the inflatable play industry.

All information produced by the Grand Affairs team is only available to TIPE subcribers unless concerns a major safety issue or at the direct request of the Health and Safety Executive.

TIPE was set up to combat growing concerns about the poor information being produced by the British Inflatable Hirers Association and bad information available via social network sites.

TIPE subscribers receive information directly to their mail box as it happens and is backed up by a number of TIPE information Sheets. These sheets are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up to date and also form the basis of a written record as the industry develops.

TIPE subscribers also have access to a 'subscribers' only Facebook group

Peter Grand - owner of Grand Affairs Group

Peter started Grand Affairs in 1988 as a disco agency and retail outlet and the business rapidly expanded to include successful bouncy castle hire operation for almost twenty years. Grand Affairs was a founder member of the BIHA and the NAIH. He served on the NAIH committee for two years but resigned his post when he purchased Inflated News.

Following his purchase of Inflated News he was asked to sit on the PIPA committee and he agreed on the understanding that he would remain independent and therefore be able to ask any questions on behalf of any sector of the inflatable play industry. He was involved in discussions regarding the implementation of BS EN 14960:2006 between PIPA and HSE and has retained good relations with HSE at the highest level.

As the credibility of Inflated News developed it was obvious that some in the industry were looking for an advisory service to keep them up to date and The Inflatable Play Enterprise (TIPE) was born. TIPE continues to be recognised as the number one service to those involved in the inflatable play industry.


In 2006 ill health forced the sale of the hire business allowing more time for the development of Inflated News and Peter added a further string to his bow by launching a series of archery based companies.

In 2008 Peter launched INPAS a trade show for the play industry and this project is on going

TIPE continues to thrive and Peter is now focused on the development of Inflatable Testing And Training Service (ITATS) which is now the largest division within Grand Affairs Group.

2018 sees Grand Affairs Group celebrating 30 years in the leisure and entertainment industry

2020 a new decade begins